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Hotell Tre Liljor is a charming hotel for as well business and private guests with a pleasant atmosphere and caring service.

Central in Värnamo, Sweden Hotell Tre Liljor is located right next to the rushing river Lagan, the center of Värnamo. Here it is close to shops, cafes and restaurants in the center, while the small town offers a calm and relaxed tempo. Tre Liljor is a place to land after a day of activities. A hotel to come home to.
A place for everyone Maybe you are businessman at a conference, or a family with children on vacation. Tre Liljor is a hotel for everyone. Here you will find the conference organizer a professional full-service hotel and here you parents of young children relax during a weekend trip.

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Dagens Lunch V. 23



Skagenöverbakad fiskfilé med potatismos och grillad citron

Stekt falukorv med stekt ägg och potatis samt senapskräm


Ost och skinkfylld schnitzel med konjakssås 

Pasta med kyckling i krämig gorgonzolasås 


Panerad fiskfilé med remouladsås och kokt potatis

Grillad karré med potatisgratäng


Pannbiff med löksky och bacon

Pasta all´ Amatriciana


”Black & White” på ryggbiff & fläskfilé

Veckans vegetariska:

Grillad aubergine med grekisk sallad och tzatsiki

Veckans sallad:

Sallad med varmrökt hälleflundra, pepparrot & rostade pinjenötter

Senior lunch serveras mellan 13.30-14.30 95:-

Dagensrätt mån- fre: inkl. sallad, dryck, kaffe och kaka 109:-Avhämtning: 95:- exkl.dryck
 Telefon: 0370/69 06 00

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The hotel is located in central Värnamo overlooking the River Lagan.


Hotell Tre Liljor